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My work

The following is a sample of some of the work I've done.
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  • Facebook Application
  • CRM
  • Website
  • Web Application
  • Concept
  • eCommerce


Digital Marketing

10+ years of digital marketing experience.

Web Design + Development

Let's start with the site and shoot for the flying fish looking rocket.

Social Media Consulting

Strategy, process, content creation, poke, analytics.

Problem Solving

If you've got a problem, yo. I'll solve it. Check out this hook...

Born in Connecticut, never been sailing, love boat shoes.

I am passionate about building solutions that solve problems. I love talking about ideas and innovation. I am an experienced developer who has a strong background in digital marketing. I drink a lot of iced tea. I eat a lot of tuna. I don't care for all the squeaking that accompanies a basketball game. I want to work with you to create something amazing. I love smoothies.


I can't shut up about ideas. I love to talk about ideas. I enjoy thinking of ways to simplify and improve lives.


I honestly think I look better with a mustache. I'm big supporter of Movember. Let me sew you a scarf and I'll tell you all about it.


I love what I do. I enjoy building solutions that help solve problems.

Locked out

...of my Papa John's account, not heaven. Life's a bitch sometimes.

Let's chat.

Want to talk about an idea? A project? The fact that Cincinnati has the most dramatic skyline in the world?